Average Saturday

Coronavirus lockdown day 17

The dog was restless. Up several times. Each of us got a turn to be barked at and ignored and to stand by the door waiting.

Morning chores were going okay until I was outside putting stuff in the rubbish and heard the drain bubbling away. So it was off with the cover, on with the gloves, and yep: Autum drain dig. Hair and gunk and leaves and who knows wtf else; I’m just pleased there weren’t any rats this time.

Cleaned up. Had lunch. Watched the broadcast, more deaths, sadly.

Hacked more of the hebe and watered the citrus plant. Dug some holes for some hostas, but the soil was very dry, so not sure how they will go. need to water tonight. Got some wood in for the rain ahead, just in case it’s cold.

Had a good recording session before tea, put a new twist on an old thing. Took many, many takes but I think it will be okay. After tea was woeful, so I stopped. Fingers just not working. Lost motivation in the evening, meh to everything. Usually a sign of tiredness.

Got the Wii out of storage so we can have a bit of a tournament later. Something to look forward to!