Good Friday: the hacking of the hebe

Coronavirus lockdown day 16

As good a Friday as could be expected, I guess. Early start, thanks to the dog. Fine weather. Worked on some music. Did gardening – or more correctly hacking of hebe. It was about 3m in diameter and not much foliage. It’s a stump of twigs now really.

Also trimmed the feijoa – this will ensure the fruit doesn’t drop on the neighbours. It’s obviously a stress point for them, as we got another reminder today.

I cleared the little garden down the front of the section. Found a citrus plant behind the hebe – we have some vague memory it is a mandarin, but we will wait and see. Pleased that it lived, hopefully some sun and water will help it on its way.

The best thing of all this is that we’ve opened up a nice view from where you get out of the car and the driveway, all the way down to the port, so it’s gradually coming together. Once we can clear it all up, that is. All the gardening means a lot of garden waste. Some we can compost, but there’s lots of bigger branches and other stuff we’d normally take to the green waste depot. I can imagine there’ll be massive queues when that place finally reopens!

Couple of rainy days ahead, so need to clear the decks for some indoor time. Played 500 online with friends in the evening, then a chuckle about the day’s music; it seems to have taken a cowboy kinda feel. Yeeha!