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Coronavirus lockdown day 9

We still haven’t had to venture out – we’ve had nearly everything we need delivered to us. Groceries, a computer, and today, a large pile of wood. Four cubic metres, and some kindling.

So that’s what were doing this weekend. Stacking and piling into the woodshed and building some cover so the wood can stay dry. We’ve also got a pile from last year that will need to be moved.

I’ll mow the lawns too and we’ll get rid of some of the greenery we cut down earlier in the week. Still on feijoa patrol and found another dead rat. It reeked. Didn’t retch though!

Had a call with a friend whose partner is a doctor. Co-incedentally they were also dealing with a rat. Living in a small community this pandemic is a massive burden. If one of the staff in the practice gets covid they basically have to shut down for a couple of weeks, which puts even more pressure on the other doctors and practices in the area. Much pressure, and hard on families of the front-line staff who have to worry about their loved ones.

So how did we spend day 9?

We’re getting the hang of it. Slow days, small tasks often. Inside jobs, outside jobs, slow progress. We’ll try again tomorrow.

On twitter there’s a #formalfriday. I joined in today, going hard: I wore a shirt with a collar!