Can we turn the world off, then on again?

Coronavirus lockdown day 8

Hmm, it might be time to kick it in the guts Trev – everything’s busy and backward and slow and fast. When in doubt, reboot!

A busy work day, but a bit late as the files came in around 5pm. Re-cut one piece, moved things around a bit, and oh, finesse takes time. WFH on a laptop means working in a very small area of the screen too – so you end up a bit hunched and squinting.

After another awesome meal (roast chook and spuds) settled in with a beer for a session on jamkazam. And you’re thinking – oh cool, live online jam session, laying down a groove, seeing where it goes … Well dear reader, the modern day jam session isn’t a squealing tune up, it’s an hour-and-a-half of tech support, Zoom, and what’s app, and no resolution.

We did though eventually get closer to a fix – ninjajam. So that will be the task before the next meetup.

How did we spend day 8

Still dealing with the ‘tidy up’; it may take some time.