ninjam, reaper and a stack of wood

ninjam, reaper and a stack of wood

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Coronavirus lockdown day 10

So another beautiful autumn day in Te Tauihu began with a cooked breakfast, before settling into some serious wood stacking. We got about 3 of the 4 cubic meters done, so pretty happy with that.

Saw approximately half the neighbourhood walking around, and plenty of smiles, giddays and waves.

They say you should learn something new every day. Today I learned that the audio interface I have – while it has six inputs, and is awesome for field recording, will only word with Reaper as a stereo mix. Which means I can only input one track at a time into any live session.

I can hear you falling to sleep already, but this is a bit annoying as I can’t separate tracks. If I play guitar well, but muck up the words, then the whole track has to go… I can record separate tracks, so we will make do.

On the upside, after the jamkazam fail, it looks like ninjam / reaper will work as a jamming tool. So drums / bass in Tauranga, one gat and lungs in Melbourne, the other in Nelson. Gonna be interesting!

Catching up with some friends from around the world in about an hour or so, looking forward to that.

So how did we spend day 10?

Working together then reading and relaxing apart. Vege soup out of the freezer for lunch, toasties for tea. All in all a good, no complaints kind of day.