Why women kill

Coronavirus lockdown day 2

So by the end of day 2, it was suggested we watch Why Women Kill as the Friday night entertainment!

Jokes aside, it’s a good watch, the continuity is well done between the three stories. We’re not getting on badly at all!

I’m doing three or four hours of online meetings and am getting busier. It’s now school holidays, so that will change the dynamics a bit. We normally travel in the holidays and had planned to this time, but that’s all off now.

Other things are getting done around the place. I built a wood shelter – corrugated iron roof and all. I got halfway through the raised garden bed before the lockdown, so need a bit more soil / garden mix.

So how did we spend day 2?

A later than normal start, quick breakfast. Lunch was a roast! On a rainy day with thunderstorms, it was awesome. Oh and the guttering outside the porch needs clearing!

Want to hear a joke?
… I don’t get it …
Sorry, it’s an inside joke!!

Hat tip to Tessa who found this gem