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Week one feels like a month

Coronavirus lockdown day 7

The dog was up early, barking at us. I slept a little late after a couple of beers last night. The first beers in a while, to be fair.

So after annoying us, the dog went and sat in front of the teenager’s face. (Remember everything was taken out of the room yesterday? It didn’t get put back, so the teenager was sleeping on the floor.) The dog barked, licked the face (on the eye), barked again. Eventually dog was successful and teenager emerged.

My morning meetings were cancelled so managed to help teenager put stuff back in the room and it is looking really good. She has an eye for good design, and has been handling the lockdown pretty well. It’s not like you can threaten with a grounding is it? So the spirited discussions, as my dear old Dad would have called them are mostly around use of the phone and the internet. We’re doing ok so far.

Before the 1pm announcement, which we watch most days, I also managed to hack down some trees in the backyard and do a couple of small jobs outside. It was good to be in the sun.

Work picked up in the afternoon, with a couple of hours of video editing. It is pretty intense concentration on a smallish laptop screen, so I’m pleased it wasn’t much longer.

How did we spend day 7?

Mostly thinking it was day 31 – time has this stretchy quality right now. Oh, and I forgot to mention a nephew was 21 yesterday – we got to see the yard-glass and the inevitable post-yardie chuck livestreamed. Yay for tradition! Curried mince and baked potatoes for dinner.

It’s feijoa time and as we are vigilantly collecting the fruit to deny the rats, we have a metric shitload. Luckily, someone in the house had the foresight to buy a juicer. I can confirm that a great juice recipe is:

  • 1 orange
  • 1 apple
  • 1 pear
  • 3 feijoa
  • some ice and a little soda water (home made) if you like

Also thinking making some feijoa syrup to add to some vodka …

Quarasurf, or Jamkazam

Coronavirus lockdown day 6

It was just like the old days at Sawyers Arms Road. Well, it would have been if I was in the garage. Two of the three of us were. We used to jam and write and never, ever drink in a tin triple garage out the back of a flat where countdown is near Northlands.

We’d record there to, and send the tapes (!!) off to our drummer, who would visit once a month when we’d all play together.

This time around the drummer sent the bass and drums tracks through and via the wonders of the internet we managed to cobble together everything we need:

  • A shared directory for our tracks,
  • The start of a shared language and process,
  • Plenty of trash-talk and a beer or two,
  • the discovery of, and
  • Someone got told off for being too loud.

It’s going to be great to see where this leads.

So how did we spend day 6?

Slow start, but it got busier and busier. Teenager decided it would be a good day to Kondo the room, everything that doesn’t bring her joy is now spread all around the house – ensuring it doesn’t bring anyone else a single speck of joy either. All the transfer stations and charity shops are closed…

Stir fry rice for dinner, and discovering that the peril of getting beer delivered in the groceries, is that you drink it …

We won’t go back to normal because ‘the normal’ is the problem

Coronavirus lockdown day 3

I saw this on twitter and it struck a chord. There’s massive social and economic change ahead; the carnage will be painful but it also gives us a chance to rebuild differently.

After Christchurch there was massive engagement with the city rebuild. The Share an Idea campaign (where anybody could put an idea on a digital wall like a sticky note) drew over 100,000 suggestions. Never had the city seen civic engagement like it. Sustainability, green city, with good public transport, a city that worked for its people, was friendly for all ages and innovative – that was the overwhelming desire. Unfortunately, the government of the day stepped in and said ‘yeah, nah’. Their blueprint got the go ahead – a conference centre and a stadium were the anchor projects.

Neither are finished yet, more than nine years later. And sport and tourism are in the toilet thanks to the virus. Even the magnificent Tūranga, the public beacon of hope and ideas also known as the library, is now closed to the public. At least that will re-open and be used for another 150 years.

But something else changed after the earthquakes. People reviewed their lives. Many changed career, moved suburbs or towns, went back to study, or started chasing their dream of writing, or singing or building or inventing or whatever. The knowledge that life is all to short and precious got replanted in thousands of people who all decided not to wait for ‘some day’ and just get on with it.

For this emergency, the rebuild won’t be of buildings. It will be of the economy, and of social conventions. Who are the essential workers? Should we pay them properly? Do we need to have offices? Why don’t we go back to the old days of neighbourhood shops. How we work will fundamentally change – people will see possibilities and new approaches will spring up.

My hope is that we reset some fundamentals, that the relentless growth and exploitation of late stage capitalism is replaced with different imperatives. There’s already talk of a Universal income. I’m all for it.

So how did we spend day 3?

I had cereal, did some work, and watched a rat climb over the fence and die while I was on a phone call. Later the neighbour phoned to say he’d laid some posion.

I cheered when I heard Ashley Bloomfield got the day off.

Other than that it was a fine day, so normal chores. Cooked a nice casserole with rice (the red wine vinegar with the beef kind). Watched a silly movie.

Why women kill

Coronavirus lockdown day 2

So by the end of day 2, it was suggested we watch Why Women Kill as the Friday night entertainment!

Jokes aside, it’s a good watch, the continuity is well done between the three stories. We’re not getting on badly at all!

I’m doing three or four hours of online meetings and am getting busier. It’s now school holidays, so that will change the dynamics a bit. We normally travel in the holidays and had planned to this time, but that’s all off now.

Other things are getting done around the place. I built a wood shelter – corrugated iron roof and all. I got halfway through the raised garden bed before the lockdown, so need a bit more soil / garden mix.

So how did we spend day 2?

A later than normal start, quick breakfast. Lunch was a roast! On a rainy day with thunderstorms, it was awesome. Oh and the guttering outside the porch needs clearing!

Want to hear a joke?
… I don’t get it …
Sorry, it’s an inside joke!!

Hat tip to Tessa who found this gem