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Aotearoa It’s Christmas

I entered the Radio NZ Christmas song competition. It didn’t go well; the song resoundingly failed to make any impact on the judges.

But no matter – this is a Christmas song for those of us in the Southern hemisphere where the whole snow thing makes little sense. It’s silly and cheesy and fun – hope you like it.

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Play along to Aotearoa it’s Christmas on chordify

You can also play along using chordify. (Hint: put the capo on one and play in D)

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Different formats available

Download Aoteroa it’s Christmas in .crd format or view on

I use a lot. It’s such a great way to learn and play songs. It’s also got this awesome songbook feature where you can create lists of songs and combine them in a songbook. You can then access it when you’re out and about make it public if you want and print to pdf.

So I made a crd format file for Aotearoa it’s Christmas so that in can be included in the database. (Note: It’s not there as of 8 December NZ time)

Aotearoa it’s Christmas