No repeat weekend

You remember when people listened to commercial radio? One of the tricks they used to keep people listening was the “no repeat weekend” – a promise of if you caught us playing a repeated song, we’ll give you a thousand bucks, or a weekend away or something. (See also: No repeat workday”)

They’d “mess up” once a month or so, or more if it was ratings time, just to keep the interest there.

Recently I had a much worse version.

Friday, discovered we needed two new tyres. Organised for Saturday morning.

Friday afternoon the laptop fell off the armchair onto the carpet – broke the display.

Saturday morning a plumbing emergency at the crib: a leak that went undiscovered for months revealed itself – by soaking and collapsing the newly painted and finished roof.

Saturday trip to the dentist ended in a tooth extraction. Drove home with a mouth full of blood and the bits of tooth in a packet. Correction – most of the bits of tooth.

Sunday, discovered not quite all of the tooth was out. A little vertical edge was still attached – gradually it came loose and out, but that little bastard hung on for dear life.

So a painful, blood soaked and expensive weekend. No repeats, thanks!

The world’s best Sauvignon 2019

On the upside we caught up with some friends we haven’t seen for ages on Sunday at the St Clair vineyard. We had some nice platters (although there’s never enough bread when five of you are sharing) and chatted for ages.

We also sampled the world’s best Sauvignon Blanc for 2019: The St Clair Wairau Reserve. 

Will save that up for the next one …