Hello October

Forgive me dear reader, for I have sinned. It’s been months since my last blog update. There’s been a bit going on.

Photos from the last holiday. Must be time for another!

I’ve been preoccupied with finishing a video project, a bunch of smaller jobs, and then trying to line up my next work trajectory.

The project

The video project was a documentary about the Te Ropu Kōkiri-a-iwi response to Covid-19 in Te Tauihu. It taught me a lot about some awesome people and organisations where I live, and it was an absolute honour to be part of it.

It was a complex story, with lots of moving parts, and lots of interview and field footage. I really felt the responsibility of capturing history, and trying to do the story well.

A chunk of other stuff

At the same time I finished some other videos about chlorination, did ongoing social and website updates for another organisation, did three or four short videos for an award presentation (the client got second ) built a website on spec for someone, did some family history – and finished the podcast, Richie’s 50.

In the latter stages of all this there was the first hearing for the truck driver who hit and killed my brother at Christmas. It was adjourned, so that bundle of poop will be opened again later this month.

Next steps

Choosing the work trajectory – one contract, the other contract, or both? It’s a luxurious position to be in, I know. Work has been turning up at my door. Doing both will make me very busy for a few months, but could give me a breathing space next year for a bit more time off. Now that sounds good!