When in doubt, improvise!

Corona virus day 58

A more settled day, but some how it seems it is the calm before the storm. Busy week ahead next week. An important meeting, a trip over the (physical) hill, the last of a line of things and a gathering for being over the (metaphorical) hill.

A long birthday podcast interview which was really nice, and an even longer follow-up call with band members. There will be about 30 more in the coming weeks.

Too many Grolsch, and I blame economics. It was on special for $20 per dozen. Now how does that happen? Dutch pilsner available in Nelson, New Zealand, cheaper than the local product?

Anyway, I’m going to be so busy, I’ll have to improvise…
Some memorable phrases from today:

  • Ask 1000 whys and write it down
  • 100,000 ways of describing friendship