Category: Tastes

  • When in doubt, improvise!

    Corona virus day 58 A more settled day, but some how it seems it is the calm before the storm. Busy week ahead next week. An important meeting, a trip over the (physical) hill, the last of a line of things and a gathering for being over the (metaphorical) hill. A long birthday podcast interview…

  • A birthday in the bubble

    Coronavirus lockdown day 32 I think we celebrated pretty well! A leisurely day, and good practice for a certain date in the future. Slow, but not languid.

  • Week one feels like a month

    Coronavirus lockdown day 7 The dog was up early, barking at us. I slept a little late after a couple of beers last night. The first beers in a while, to be fair. So after annoying us, the dog went and sat in front of the teenager’s face. (Remember everything was taken out of the…