Is it a full moon?

Coronavirus day 57

Weird things happen around the full moon. I don’t know if today was a full moon or not, but it felt like it!

An early start to get work done, school run, then a drive to Motueka to meat the surgical theatre bus. Sounds great doesn’t it, getting surgery on a bus in the car park of a hospital!

It wasn’t for me, but I was the helper and the driver. It was an excellent setup really, and they got through a fair number of patients.

While that was happening, I took the dog for a walk, and then did an interview at the Marae. Quickly brushed up on my paku mihi (and thank God for Te Aroha, neh?).

We moved on to the interview. It was brilliant, captured such wisdom and gems of knowledge – except that the recorder wasn’t going. Shame-faced, we started again. My phone rang!!

It was the CEO of the iwi, probably the only thing that saved me, but I got the hard word to turn it off completely! Everything that could go wrong did, but my guest was gracious and accommodating. In the end the audio came out very well, and everyone was happy, but it was a hard-earned win!

That was fine, but of course, I missed the three calls from the hospital to come and collect the patient … When I did finally arrive, they looked at me like I had abandoned the person, and gave me suitably filthy looks.

Got home, with a stop for food on the way, settled patient in. Off to the school run, then home to edit audio, chop, chop, chop. LAter edited video, chop, chop, chop.

A long, and busy day.