Mother’s Day

Coronavirus lockdown day 47

A trip to the supermarket last night yielded ingredients for the Mother’s Day breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, banana, maple syrup, icing sugar, lemon … and it was good. Not quite as good as the birthday pancakes, probably because I didn’t have help this time …

Anyhoo, it was another lovely day and we went for a drive to take the dog for a walk. It was good, but the dog puked in the van on the way home. Yummy!

After that delightful task, came inside to find a a new mix of the song we have been working on waiting for me, and man, I am proud of it. In less than a month it’s gone from very raw to almost finished product. There’s still finesse work to do, but it’s got a great feel, and my bubblemate said it was ok – which is high praise indeed.

Here’s an excerpt of the lyrics:

Ooooooooooo (Four bars)