Four weeks down

Coronavirus lockdown day 28

So busy again, keeping on keeping on. Today though, I was ever alert, watchful and waiting for the alcohol delivery … The driver had to sight ID, so I taped it to the door in the hope that if I didn’t hear the knock, the package would be left with the ID.

In the end it didn’t matter, but it was a really weird situation. I was outside picking feijoa. I head a car pull up, and make a call – the volume was so loud I could hear it across the road. Then I realised it was my phone!

So I ran to get the guys attention, and sure enough, result. but then when I got inside – there was a bottle of Malibu in the package (Which had a life size copy of my driver licence photo taped to the package). So I sprinted outside to let him know of the mistake.

Long conversation short, like some Cold War spy exchange, I left the bottle on the ground and backed away. Crouched, he crept forward, took a long lunge toward the bottle, retrieved it, and put it in the boot of the car. The music was still going really loud, so the neighbours were all looking by this stage.

The driver shouted a cheery ‘Seeya!’ and we went our separate ways. Tomorrow the rest of the order should arrive.