Are you there?

Coronavirus lockdown day 27

Tuesday, was, well, busy. Lots of work and admin and go, go, go. I was obviously focused, because I managed to miss the alcohol delivery we arranged … they rang twice, and I completely missed it. They rang later and asked if I was there … like, uh, where else would I be?

It was one of the more interesting orders and deliveries – placed via a Word doc and email, with proof of ID needed. Not much in the way of visible PPE on the driver, who was obviously using his daily runabout. Still, support local and all that.

Also contacting friends overseas – some are losing jobs and the tension and frustration is building. We have a long way to go yet.

A phone call with a local colleague led to some new work coming, so this is also positive. More videos to produce, more time in front of the screen, lucky to have the work and ohyesI’mthankfulforit.