A week, then two weeks, then …

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Coronavirus lockdown day 26

Today was a Monday, as usual. Couple of meetings, bit of editing, then a flurry to get everything done before the announcement.

At 4pm we huddled around the wireless (internet, not radio) and listened once more to Jacinda and Ashley. We’re totally on a first name basis now 🙂

Anyhoo, one more week of 4, then two weeks of 3. Which means by the middle of May we might be at 2. I was really impressed by a line today – save lives, then save livelihoods. I think that suns it up nicely.

You can’t have an economy without people in it. That means we’ll just have to hang tight. One bubblemate will have a birthday under lockdown, and potentially, I could too, if things go pear shaped. Let’s hope not!

Level 3 won’t be that different to four, other than we might be able to order a few more things online. So we’ll keep on keeping on. I’ve been luck that I’ve been able to pick up extra work, and I’m hoping it might stay around.

It will take time for the other bubblemates to adjust to school and work changes, and then just when they have, it will change again…

Stuff seeking donations – should we save the media?


They are all over stuff.co.nz at the moment – large orange banners asking for money. There’s a lot to admire about the fourth estate, and throughout history many noble causes championed and fires under the seat of power have been lit. But there’s also hot-take clickbait, gotchyas, paparazzi and questionable ethics all over the place. I don’t think they can claim any moral high ground in the 21st century.

Papers in the past were part of the historical record. Now, not so much. No local sport, no local court, highly selective reporting of issues, no subs. Also, their main revenue was classifieds – real estate, jobs and buy/sell – which all migrated to trademe, which the newspapers took a stake in, and then sold again. So really, lots of it is their own fault. Sure, the model needs to change, but so does the content.

This column struck a chord with me – brutally honest, it asks: is it worth saving the media?

A well-thought out and reasoned column – in other words, an expert I agree with 🙂