Balance? There is no balance.

Coronavirus lockdown day 20

Today was a run around, email, chase the tail, task, task, re-task kind of day. Took some time away from the computer, persistent slight headache kind of day. Felt like everything was out of balance. Plus it was cold as a well digger’s duck.

I was reading recently about how there is (or should be) no work-life balance. There’s only life, right? You do work so you can have a life, not the other way around. If you did get your life magically in balance – you’d try and capture that; and stop. You’d hope you didn’t get it out whack again.

The problem is that doesn’t allow much room for change, and everything is change at the moment. It’s also a false dichotomy – suggesting there are only two possible and mutually exclusive alternatives. In an infinite universe, anything is possible, as the saying goes.

So if work life balance is wrongly framed, our focus on balance is misplaced. Humans like the binary choice, but there’s a wide spectrum of possibility for us to choose from. How we solve what work and life look like is a question for many generations to come.

That was randomly philosophical, wasn’t it?