Three strange weeks

Coronavirus lockdown day 21

Different day, same old shoes; Different week, same old blues. It’s getting harder to remember what we did each day. Ther was admin, emails, a headache that came and went. Feijoa fell and the sun shone.

I went to the supermarket, only the second time driving in three weeks. It was quiet, and most people just kinda stumbled around. We’re easily spending $50 or $60 more on groceries. No one-thing seems super expensive (except perhaps tip top ice cream at $7.50 for 2l) but everything seems to have gone up a little bit, so the overall bill mounts up a bit quicker.

To be honest though, I’m just thankful there’s stuff to buy and that we can afford to shop.

Twisteddoodles summed it up best:

Yes! It might also gradually increase in speed as the lockdown continues…