Here comes the sun

Daylight saving arrived, along with the weird slowness of the first day. It’s like you’re constantly ahead of yourself, and there’s plenty more time to do things. You get it done, check the time, and wait, what? The light is there, so you decide to keep going.

And, plenty got done, some clearing out for painting, tidying, doors removed and sanded for painting. Raining for the next three days though, so we’ll see how that goes. News that a friend’s brother died. Not the generation ahead of me, but, my generation, fade away, light growing dim. Breathe.

Feel the bendable nature of time; knowing that every moment is precious; that you only have so much time on the planet; the feeling it accelerates as you get older; days that never end, years that whizz by. Appreciating both. Like rhythm and melody and harmony; one song ends, another begins.


A flop, a schlep and a lump

There were things to celebrate, and things to be sad about. There were fun songs and sad songs. Then after a mix of Moscow mules, Long Island Ice Teas, a single malt, some salty snacks, warehou and chips and a taxi ride home, it was a relatively early flop into the sack on Friday night.

That was followed by a reasonably early forty-minute schlep across town to pick up the van this morning. It was all pretty quiet, not much going on.

And then a day of domestic bliss before turning a bit of a lump – fire on, movies to watch.

audio sound stories

Not a winning ticket

I’ve mentioned how I entered the RNZ Write an original Christmas song competition. The results are in – and my entry is out! Not a winner.

There was an amazing array of entries, all very different and most of them sounded really well recorded and produced.

Mine was one of 250 or so entered, so it least it was in good company. I might post the song a bit later.

And the winner is …

Listen to the winner being announced on RNZ

And the runners-up were…

Listen to other songs featured on air in the follow-up piece.
sound stories

Something special; something finished

I write a bit – often in fits and starts. But today I finished something.

Radio New Zealand are running a competition to write a Christmas song. When I first heard about it I was on leave, driving down the east coast.

I got the first lines reasonably quickly, mulled the rest for a bit. Had enough for a couple of minutes. Spent a day or so recording it, then left it for a bit.

Then I did something unusual. I let people hear it. Played it to a colleague who loves Christmas and another couple of friends. People said good and constructive things.

I added some verses, re-arranged things; added instruments, even some quiet harmonies and twiddly bits. Ended up at 2:31. I mixed, listened on couple of sets of speakers. Found out my amp is only working on one channel.

And then, at 5pm, I sent it off. Time will tell what happens, but I’m happy to have it done. The hat is in the ring!


Right, this time

Starting again, for the umpteenth time.

guitar poster
the clean and chris knox – an old poster