Here comes the sun

Daylight saving arrived, along with the weird slowness of the first day. It’s like you’re constantly ahead of yourself, and there’s plenty more time to do things. You get it done, check the time, and wait, what? The light is there, so you decide to keep going.

And, plenty got done, some clearing out for painting, tidying, doors removed and sanded for painting. Raining for the next three days though, so we’ll see how that goes. News that a friend’s brother died. Not the generation ahead of me, but, my generation, fade away, light growing dim. Breathe.

Feel the bendable nature of time; knowing that every moment is precious; that you only have so much time on the planet; the feeling it accelerates as you get older; days that never end, years that whizz by. Appreciating both. Like rhythm and melody and harmony; one song ends, another begins.