Things are tough


See things are tough in this old town,
Petrol’s up and the dollar’s down
My plain old job went round the bend
More hammer thumb than hammer hand,

Yes thing are tough in my home town
Right at the bottom of the trickle down
Got a top two inches and a wicked tongue
I ‘m just the same as everyone

Now my beloved just up and left
Took half of nothing, moved it west
Gonna spread her wings, ‘n feather her nest
She called a lawyer, I called it theft

Yeah things are tough so I’m leaving town
Need green fields, put new roots down
Seems that I am still second best
Confirmed it with the drugs test

I’m single and hurting that much is true
Just give me a job and I’ll love you
I’ll do anything that you ask me to
yeah give me a job, then I’ll love you

Still pretty tough in this old town
Oil’s up and the markets down
Unsuccessful, an also ran
Regret to inform you letter again

But if this economic theory’s true
You’ll grow me a job and I’ll love you
It’s always hard for a fella like me
Not the right fit for the company

One thousand and twelve square metre dream
Can not be achieved on my income stream
But if I keep on wishing it might come true
You’ll give me a job. Prosperity soon