Not a winning ticket

Coronavirus day 52

I’ve started a zoom call, interview birthday celebration podcast thing. Had the first call today with the fastest facebook commenter, JB.

He made the astute point that we’re not, strictly speaking, in lockdown anymore … so I deleted that word from the subtitles.

Today was a domestic bliss day – cleaning, washing, gardeing, chainsawing. Reclaimed the view from the dining room by giving the silk tree a bit of a haircut. Now have about 50 tonnes of green waste to move.

Supermarket trip, few beers, and later the call with JB. We covered a lot of ground, how we met at the National Library, fortunnes and failures, and how time flies, as well as some sad news.

I’m asking everyone to include a song in the interview. JB chose Hallelujah by Pentatonix. We’ve had a few nights around the guitar singing this song, but never this well!! Cheers JB, great to catch up.