Day 50 billion

Coronavirus Lockdown Day 51

Today was the first day of Level 2, after 7 weeks of lockdown.

It began early, after another nice sunrise, with an 8am zui (zoom hui). Looks like a positive outcome from that, so another project on the list.

Then there was a bit of waiting and non-meetings. I missed a call for pick-up of a purchase, and after 1/2 an hour on the phone, was told I could just waltz on in. Such luxury.

The shop though had walk-ins going in through one door, and click-and-collect round the back. It was pretty well organised and fast, with hand sanitiser and plenty of distancing.

The gold though was the new hard drive I bought. It’s really sped up the machine I do my day-to-day work on. The catch was I had to re-format it, change some deep disk settings, install the OS and migrate all my existing hard drive content. It took quite some time…

But now, the main apps I use open lightning fast, so I will make all of that time up, over time. Good times.

It was also Budget Day, a $50 billion covid spending plan. Lots for housing and infrastructure, not much for direct support of beneficiaries or low income earners. But trades training and community education and $4b for health, bravo. Most of the hot takes I saw were, yay for this; grumble, grumble for that. What’s the old saying? If you piss everyone off equally you’ve got it about right?