The days go slow, the weeks go fast

Coronavirus lockdown day 35

I was talking to a friend today and we were both feeling a bit dislocated. Because we are working from home, we have what feels like much longer days. Domestic tasks are mixed in with professional tasks; house language and office language are blurring.

You do some work, then oput on the washing. A bit more and you meet up for a cuppa outside on the deck. A little more then lunch. You creep through doorways hoping to not disturb the zoom meeting.

You crawl into the kitchen to nick the kettle and take it to another part of the house where you can boil it. You chat to your neighbour, then strategise with the boss, then pat the dog.

But that dislocation is also a symptom of uncertainty; we are in a holding pattern. I note that already I repeat myself from a few days ago. It’s like time is closing in on itself.

I’m upbeat because the pandemic is a reminder that time is precious and we shouldn’t waste it. Despite all that, lockdown suits me. I have done more work on creative projects and music and collaborations than I have in ages.

I genuinely hope that some things don’t go back the way they were. At the same time there’s the fear of not knowing how much things will change and how bad things might get. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.