A knock at the door…

Corona virus lockdown day 11

Sunday, it was Sunday. I have to keep reminding myself what day it is.

We stacked more wood, I did some work. A bit of garden and work outside. A shared lunch, chat with a neighbour or passer by from a distance.

Later, after getting the Multitrack input working yesterday, I sat down to record some audio for a new track that had come through. I ended up doing two different versions, one in D major, one in D minor. I was concentrating on the headphones and saw a little message pop up that Matt was here.

That’s odd, because its 10.30 at night, and mat lives a half-hour away. I carried on. It turns out someone was at the door. It wasn’t Matt, but a stranger.

It was a bit of an emergency: a mate had done a runner. Door guy had walked from Stoke and had almost tracked his mate down when his phone ran out of battery. So he needed to charge his phone. He seemed genuine enough. As I went to get a charger and an extension cord to reach to the front door, my bubblemates needed an explanation. They kept telling me to shhh for some reason.

First I got the wrong charger, then the right one, then I got him a a glass of water. Bubblemate brought a chair. My mind was thinking about social distance, surface contact and all that stuff, but we couldn’t not help, right? In the end he only stayed maybe 10 minutes, tops. He found out where his mates were and was off again.

It was all a bit odd, but one of life’s little adventures. Hope he found his friend.

I went back to the tracks, and then it was 2am. The next day, I wrote this up and retro-published.

So how did we spend day 11?

The day after the clocks go back is always weird. I had a nap in the afternoon; it felt like there were two days in one. We did more outside work as the sun went down, then dinner, then a good chat with the family locked down in Christchurch.