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  • Old loops

    Old loops

    Found these when digging in the ashes of some previous sessions. Short tracks, silly ditties and auto-generated songs. Which is your favourite? You can find more over at Soundcloud

  • Something special; something finished

    I write a bit – often in fits and starts. But today I finished something. Radio New Zealand are running a competition to write a Christmas song. When I first heard about it I was on leave, driving down the east coast. I got the first lines reasonably quickly, mulled the rest for a bit.…

  • Begin the benign

    benign, Adj, from the Old French benigne, who nicked it off the Latin beningus, it means kind, gentle and mild. You can check it at wordnik Perhaps it’s the early onset old-timers, perhaps it’s the desire for a new set of references, or a new routine. Perhaps it’s time to be kind with the future…