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  • The first death

    Coronavirus lockdown day 4 News today of NZ’s first death from coronavirus on the West Coast. Not unexpected, but still very sad, and it makes everything that much more real, especially for the front line workers. In a small community it will be especially difficult. Hopefully it will also reinforce the message we have to…

  • Aotearoa It’s Christmas

    Aotearoa It’s Christmas

    A Christmas song for those of us in the Southern hemisphere where the whole snow thing makes little sense. It’s silly and cheesy and fun – sing along!

  • Not a winning ticket

    Not a winning ticket

    I’ve mentioned how I entered the RNZ Write an original Christmas song competition. The results are in – and my entry is out! Not a winner. There was an amazing array of entries, all very different and most of them sounded really well recorded and produced. Mine was one of 250 or so entered, so…

  • Old loops

    Old loops

    Found these when digging in the ashes of some previous sessions. Short tracks, silly ditties and auto-generated songs. Which is your favourite? You can find more over at Soundcloud