Time is moving quickly – in just two months I will start a year out of the office. And you may ask yourself, In the style of Talking Heads, well, how did I get here?

There has been plenty, of letting the days go by, and a fair bit of same as it ever was… but there’s also been a lot of change in the eight years since we left Christchurch. It took some years to get our house repair completed, another couple to settle into our new house, plus a couple more of renovation and painting after that. It’s been a time of consolidating after some pretty big upheavals.

When we moved here, there were things we wanted to change – mainly working to live, not living to work. Having a bit more time to do things we enjoy. Previously we were both working full time, with a child under 5. When we moved we wanted to change that. Not the having a child bit, but the having time to ourselves.

We’ve managed that to some degree – I did a radio show for a couple of years, took guitar and singing lessons, and have trained as an English Language tutor with ELP. Kathy has retrained not once, but twice since we have been here. From October she’ll move into full-time work. We started doing some saving. Little by little we’ve built up a few other things to help us in the year ahead. So soon it’s have a bit of a breather and a look around.

Yes, I am a lucky man. It truly is Once in a Lifetime.