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Here’s the Deal: Fly My Pretties Tickets

Here’s how you can win four tickets to see Fly My Pretties bring their Homeland tour to the NBS Theatre in Westport next Saturday.

You need to be a Club Fresh member, or be intending to join, and then you will be eligible to go in the draw. That’ll cost you just $30 dollars for the year, and help support Fresh FM its the wonderful programmes.

Here’s a sample of what you’ll be in for, Hit the Hay:


About Fly My Pretties

Fly My Pretties are a collaborative group of musicians who only record live albums. There are 12 musicians involved in this tour, including founder Barnaby Weir and featuring Anika Moa, Ryan Prebble, Mike Fabulous and Mel Parsons.

Read all about the band and the tour on

Show 2 – Nature’s Worst, Paul Williams and Fly My Pretties ticket giveaway

Lend me your ears next Wednesday at eight on Fresh FM and online, and you’ll hear some hilarious, honest and hard case Kiwi songs.

  • Selections from Nature’s Worst, an annual compilation of songs about New Zealand;
  • A track from the only South Island band in the rockquest finals – AashaWill&Cullen;
  • (Hopefully) An interview with Paul Williams – part-time rapper and Guy William’s brother;
  • Go in the draw to win four tickets to Fly My Pretties Westport Gig (if you aren’t a member already, join Club Fresh to be eligible);
  • Plus regular features:
    • downbeat upbeat – where a listener chooses the tracks;
    • track from the stack – blowing the cobwebs off Kiwi music history.

Join In

Find out how you can join in, and tune in on Wednesday at eight to listen live.

Tune your wireless


or to these FM frequencies:

  • Nelson-Tasman 104.8
  • Golden Bay 95.0
  • Blenheim 88.9

See you at eight on Wednesday!

Inside the studio

Show 1 – Full Playlist and download

Thanks for listening to the first show. The feedback been positive, and podcasts should hopefully be available in a couple of days; I’ll post a link where you can subscribe. In the meantime, here’s the full track listing from the first outing. I’ve posted most of the tracks on the blog as well.

Remember you can join in and keep the music playing. See you on the 18th.


  1. Anything Could Happen, The Clean
  2. Blue Smoke, Pixie Williams
  3. Royals, Lorde
  4. Osaka 1970, Douglas Lilburn (not sure if that is the right title)
  5. Drone, Mike Beever
  6. Pink Frost, The Chills
  7. Every Day is Sunday, Rangi Parker
  8. Dead Man Walking, Bryce Wastney
  9. Sadie, Paul Ubana Jones
  10. Let It Go, Nathan Haines, featuring Rich Medina
  11. Our Love is Like a David Bain Jersey, Brown
  12. Chicken, Paul WIlliams

You can download the show if you like.

Downbeat Upbeat – Show 1

Downbeat upbeat – this is the segment where you can experiment and help keep the music playing. The idea is simple – choose one song that’s downbeat – slow, sad, dirgy, deep, slow or dark, and another that’s unfailingly upbeat – a song or piece of music that always leaves you smiling or feeling that little bit better.
Show 1 it was Pink Frost and Every Day is Sunday.

Douglas Lilburn Explains

In about 1970 composer Douglas Lilburn had to make something he didn’t have – the sound of the huia. You can imagine him, moaning to his colleagues over morning tea at Victoria University – you’ll never guess what the boss wanted – bring the dead back to life … kind of thing. Luckily, he had a room full of kit at Victoria University to help him out. And as you’ll hear, the result was no frankensound, but something fascinating and believeable.

You can listen to him describe how he did it, with analog signal and a razor blade. These days it sounds retro and futuristic all at once. The piece was recorded for a performance at Expo 1970 in Osaka. Expo is a world trade fair which also had a large rock from the moon, a spherical concert hall which played three dimensional music from multi-track tape, plus early examples of mobile phones, local area networking, and hover train technology. Read more about Expo 1970.

From Youtube.

Lorde – Royals

A 16-year-old singer from Auckland’s North Shore has become the first woman in 17 years to top the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. Her real name is Ella Yelich-O’Connor and she’s just about to release her first album, Pure Heroine, as Lorde. Not bad success for someone who’s still at high school. She told the world the news with a tweet and told the New Zealand Herald her success because she’s an Internet kid.

“I’m watching ‘Adventure Time’ but I’m also reading Allen Ginsberg … I’d like to think I’m doing something different.”

On Soundcloud the description of the EP is a series of lusts and luxuries. I think you better make your own mind up …

Blue Smoke

It was way back in the 1940s that the very first end-to-end New Zealand record was cut. And Just as the Clean felt out of place, looking for answers in empty doorways, this song was about staring out into the distance, missing home, yearning for something out of reach.

You might recognize it – Pikiteora Maude Emily Gertrude Edith Williams singing Blue Smoke. Recorded in 1949, written by Ruru Karaitiana. Pixie passed away in the last few weeks at the age of 85, and what a wonderful, sweetly scratchy sounding legacy she leaves.

Incidentally, the engineer for ‘Blue smoke’, Stanley Dallas, is credited with being one of the first engineers to record an electric guitar by connecting it directly to the recording equipment, rather than using a microphone. If you want to find out more about pixie – visit


The Clean – Anything Could Happen

For many people the early Flying Nun bands were when New Zealand music came of age. They were also the inspiration to pin your musical ears back and have a go at making your own songs. The Christchurch label and the Dunedin sound led an explosion of Kiwi culture.

In terms of guitar and bands and recording they fired a whole non-mainstream creative industry at a time when half the country was closing down. It’d be fair to say Not everyone liked the sounds, especially some of the regular patrons of the pubs the bands played at, but the energy and the creativity of the DIY ethic couldn’t be ignored.

Win an album download

Inside the piano - Nelson School of Music
The inner workings of the piano used by Mike Beever in his latest recording.

Make sure you tune in on Wednesday night to hear some of Nelson-based composer Mike Beever’s recent piano recordings.

We’ll learn a little about the process and equipment that he uses, and some of the interesting ways his music has been used. Best of all, Mike’s kindly offered to give a download copy of the EP to one lucky listener.

So send in a contribution of some sort and remember to include your email address so we can get in touch if you are the winner.



Well done to Matt who won our first giveaway.