Emails, tweets and facebook shoutouts are great, but how about joining in on air?

Downbeat Upbeat

The part of the show where you choose the playlist.

Here’s how to join in:

  1. Choose one downbeat song – slow or reflective, dirgy or drone, generally a bit of a downer;
  2. Choose its upbeat antidote – a song that makes you happy, or puts you in a better mood every time you hear it;
  3. Email your choices to
  4. That’s it – just remember this is a Kiwi music show!

Please include enough detail so we can track the song down. If you want to include your name so we can mention you on the show, that would be awesome.

Ra, Ra, Ra

Join in and tell us a short story about Kiwi music

  • like a favourite concert you saw by a Kiwi band and why it was special;
  • like a song or a piece of music that says New Zealand to you, or reminds you of home, or of someone special.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Record your item – use one of the tools listed below – or just record audio on your computer or phone;
  2. Head over to the upload page, read the terms, attach the file and send it; or email to
  3. That’s it – Thanks!