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show 4

Show 4 – Full Playlist

  1. Culture? – The Knobz
  2. I Hate the Mall – PCP Eagles
  3. Lontalius – Shipwreck
  4. Chief, King, Sir  –  These Dancing Wolves
  5. Inheriting the Stereo – The Nudie Suits
  6. You’re Not – Wet Wings
  7. Could It Ever Get Better? – The Eversons
  8. Glad Im Not A Kenndey – Shona Laing
  9. Whats the Time Mr Wolf  – South Side Of Bombay
  10. If Zack de la Rocha were a twelve-tone serialist composer – Robbie Ellis
  11. Root Vegetable Opera – Robbie Ellis
  12. Aire of Good Feeling – Quincy Conserve
  13. Comfortably Shagged – HLAH
  14. B Your Boy  – Voom

Quincy Conserve – Aire of Good Feeling

Tonight we feature a band from the 70s, the Quincy Conserve. They were led by Malcolm Hayman and played on the pub tour – back in the day when the breweries owned all the pubs and no other bands could get a look in. Murray Grindlay and Bruno Lawrence were early members of this band, but this particular track was written by an American fellow called Jim Peterik, who later went on to co-write Eye of the Tiger. Amazing the things the internet can tell you …

You might remember it from a TV promo of around 2008 or 2009, but the original was released in 1971, the year that Jon Togood and Tom Larkin, of Shihad, were born, as was Josh Kronfeld.

Mini Fringe Festival, including Root Vegetable Opera

Since it’s the Nelson Arts Festival, I thought we could have our own little fringe festival right here …

The first of two pieces I found through a specialist music library that offers subscription lending of scores, and recordings

The first is called, and I am not making this up,

If Zack de la Rocha were a twelve-tone serialist composer

Zack de la Rocha is the lead singer of Rage against the Machine and this piece is by a fellow called Robbie Ellis. It’s a microscore, for 3 clarinet in B flat and bass clarinet and if you don’t understand what any of that means, don’t worry, you’ll understand everything in about 30 seconds or so …

Yep, that’s fringe festival material and now “a song about root vegetables in the style of opera”.

Yes, root vegetable opera

Root Vegetable Opera

Written by Robbie Ellis at Song Sale Dunedin, 25 June 2012, The Church (50 Dundas St). Recorded by Robbie Ellis (baritone) and Corwin Newall (piano) on 12 December 2012, Albany St Studios, University of Otago, Dunedin.

Buy the sheet music from SOUNZ.

Pressure to Be – 18 and Under

I featured couple of tracks from an album called Pressure to be – a compilation of bands that were all aged 18 or under when the songs were released in 2010.

First up was an artist called Lontalius and that’s the name of this track, although when he recorded it the band name he used was Shipwreck. Anyways, his real name’s Eddie Jones, and he’s from Wellington, and his music is wonderful.

The second was Chief, Sir, King by These Dancing Wolves.

PCP Eagles – I Hate the Mall

These days our culture is all about shopping – it’s our recreation, our thing to do.

But what if you don’t need stuff? What does our culture offer the person who thinks that without a reason to shop you’re just another zombie looking for brains?

Luckily you can quietly hum this little ditty to your self – from Auckland’s PCP Eagles, here’s I hate the Mall.

Rage against the shopping machine.