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Las Tetas – You’re Not Invited

Las Tetas were another of the pleasingly raucous bands I found on the compilation album You’re not Invited. It’s their track that gives the retrospective it’s name. The lyrics say it all in this short, bitter blast:

You’re not invited. You know who you are. You’re not invited.

Apparently there is a trend overseas to send people you’re not invited cards, for weddings and parties and that, just so everyone’s clear. Weird world.

Mr Biscuits – My Plums Are Ripe

Mr Biscuits are from Dunedin, but reject any ties to the Dunedin sound …

“Bikini Kill on meth” is what you’d call Mr. Biscuits if condescending bullshit was your bag – instead, it’s not, and Mr. Biscuits will be the only bag you’ll need for a while.

Good sound, angular guitar, fast tempo, what’s not to like about Mr Biscuits?

Ben Dodd and His Organ – Pinker Sea (Trick Mammoth)

Ben Dodd hails from Christchurch and this cover track was the innocent start to a loud and thrashy 39th version of the show. There’s nothing fringier than organ music, so it was perfect really.

This track also featured on the compilation that was the basis for the show – You’re Not Invited – a triple album set of music from 2010-2015.

Ben Dodd also has a hilariously-titled follow up to the album that this track comes from: Borgan Dorgan Horgan Oorgan