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show 20

Jan Hellreigel – then and now

Two tracks from Jan Hellreigel, one from the 90s and one brand new track featured on show 20.
Melusine was a hit and is one of my favourites – there’s something in the timing and the phrasing of the melody that gets me every time. I just want to sing along!

Because You

Hellreigel has had an amazingly varied career – acting, singing (she learnt from Sister Mary Leo in the early days). She also left the scene for a while and has recently started making music again.

Check out her profile on

Minuit – Aotearoa

Minuit are originally from Nelson, but this track is all about New Zealand. There’s a heap of great archival footage in the video and shots of our whenua past and present, but also a boatload of selfies and crowd-sourced photos.

There’s a whole EP of remixes of this song, as well as plenty more minuit albums over on bandcamp.

Dark Matter – Broken

Dark Matter is a new creative effort from the musical pen of Stephen Cogle, as well as a few collaborators.

He has a really distinctive vocal style, and Broken brings it front and centre. He’s been around since the earliest days of Flying Nun – first with the Victor Dimisich band, then with The Terminals (there were plenty of other collaborations along the way).

In a way, his work is much more on the b-side of the label – the slower, dirgier, less pop, more psychedelic and challenging b-side. It’s all the more interesting for that.

See artworks at or visit his blog.

Flying Nun catalogue listing

Lydia Cole – Blind Boy

Blind Boy is the first track off Me and Moon – Lydia Cole’s first album, released in 2012.

She spent 18 months penning these songs of love and loss – and I think Blind Boy is a track that shows the immense craft and care that has gone into the album. I really like the way the song builds momentum; there’s a great persistence to it, almost a relentlessness.

Listen on Bandcamp

See the video on Youtube