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Truth from Fiction – The Response

From the album North of Nowhere, Truth From Fiction is by Christchurch duo The Response.
I interviewed Andy Knopp a while back, and thought it was time to play something from their second album. I wasn’t disappointed – it’s another catchy bunch of tunes from the Christchurch couple.

Wonky 9000 – Friday Noon

Wonky 9000 sounds alot like an old amplifier I used to have – but it’s also a catchy tune from Friday Noon, who are from Wellington.

This is the bio from their website,

Friday Noon is a duo of electronic music composers based in Wellington, New Zealand. Formed in 2013, the pair of bedroom producers decided to team up and collaborate on a project that represented their shared passion and vision to create futuristic, hip hop and house infused electronic music.

Beatnik – The Clean

Beatnik is a classic Kiwi track by The Clean, filmed at the Victorian Coffee Gallery on the corner of Montreal Street and Oxford Terrace in Christchurch.

It was kind of a rite of passage in Christchurch to go to the Vic, get cheese and onion toasties, and special coffees. There was a dude who played chess in the window. You always saw him by candlelight – the Vic used to put the candles in the wine bottles. Liebestraum bottles perhaps.

Anyhow, great song, great video! See more NZ music history on NZ On Screen.

Some kind of man – Bannerman

Bannerman is a really interesting sounding artist. I’ve mentioned him before on the show, and this is another interesting track.

Some Kind of Man, taken from The Dusty Dream Hole album, it’s a plaintive, minimal, slow triple-time kind of groove, that’s grown on me more and more each time I listen to it. I hope you enjoy it too.