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show 13

Dunedin Doom: Lysithea

Fancy some melodic doom metal from Dunedin? I’ve chosen a couple of tracks that are more on the melodic side from a band called Lysithea.

Lysithea is a prograde irregular satellite of Jupiter. It was discovered by Seth Barnes Nicholson in 1938 at Mount Wilson Observatory and is named after the mythological Lysithea, daughter of Oceanus and one of Zeus’ lovers …

Lysithea (the band) say:

All of our releases are self-produced and self-funded, so anything you pay for our music goes straight back into making the next one bigger and better.

I played Yurei and Praise the sun, and an excerpt from Aokigahara, all from Here at the end of all things.

Luke Hurley – the country’s best known busker

He’s particularly fond of playing on the streets, and he may be the country’s best known busker. He’s recorded several albums since the 80s, mostly outside the traditional music scene.

He was born in Zanzibar, grew up in Kenya and moved to New Zealand when he was 12. He’s a fantastic guitarist and a troubadour in that middle ages tradition of questioning and satirical songs, and making a living off what your talent brings you from the people who walk by …

I first saw him in concert in a venue that no longer exists, but it was an old church where music students used to sit their Trinity music exams. It was a cold night and we waited outside, past the start time. A car rocked up, this guy got out and used bolt cutters to get the lock of the heavy gothic door, and we went in and he played. I don’t know if it was a stunt or real, but I’ve never forgotten it.

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Christoph El Truento – Game Swim & 4U

Here are some of the most interesting transitions and shifts inside individual songs I’ve heard for a while. The movement is relentless, and resolution a little elusive …

I played two tracks from the Oopsie Daisies album, Game Swim and 4U:

Joey and the Basements – Cobden Creeper

Joey And The Basements are a four piece ska/reggae/punk band from Greymouth, New Zealand.We played Cobden Creeper on show 13.

They say:

We like to skank, play pranks, say thanks, eat shanks, drink tanks, shoot blanks and have massive….

Interesting fact: Cobden, on the north side of Greymouth,  used to be administered as part of the Nelson Province …

Read (not much) more about Cobden.

Wondering What’s Next? You Will Be …

Show 13 is a mysterious menagerie of mix downs, muck ups and musical magic … featuring:

  • The Response (I chat with Andy Knopp)
  • Joey and the Basements, a Greymouth ska/punk/reggae outfit
  • Cristoph El Truento, A Series of Oopsie Daisies and Other Flora
  • Ben Brown – Performance poet
  • New Zealand’s best-known busker
  • Lysithea, Dunedin melodic doom metal
  • Shapeshifter with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra

Tune in!