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Transistors – Your life could be so easy

The Transistors show how your life could be so easy, using the just-add water, spray-on, wipe-off approach to cleaning up your flat – and your act. Plus there’s a little of the old climb out of the tv trick.
From Rangiora, the band is on Arch Hill Records.

You can also check out the Corner’s multi-reviewer, on-paragraph each approach to figuring out what a song is like: Great Sounds Great; Bad Sounds Bad.

Transistors – your life could be so easy

Quincy Conserve – Aire of Good Feeling

Tonight we feature a band from the 70s, the Quincy Conserve. They were led by Malcolm Hayman and played on the pub tour – back in the day when the breweries owned all the pubs and no other bands could get a look in. Murray Grindlay and Bruno Lawrence were early members of this band, but this particular track was written by an American fellow called Jim Peterik, who later went on to co-write Eye of the Tiger. Amazing the things the internet can tell you …

You might remember it from a TV promo of around 2008 or 2009, but the original was released in 1971, the year that Jon Togood and Tom Larkin, of Shihad, were born, as was Josh Kronfeld.

PCP Eagles – I Hate the Mall

These days our culture is all about shopping – it’s our recreation, our thing to do.

But what if you don’t need stuff? What does our culture offer the person who thinks that without a reason to shop you’re just another zombie looking for brains?

Luckily you can quietly hum this little ditty to your self – from Auckland’s PCP Eagles, here’s I hate the Mall.

Rage against the shopping machine.