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Dunedin Doom: Lysithea

Fancy some melodic doom metal from Dunedin? I’ve chosen a couple of tracks that are more on the melodic side from a band called Lysithea.

Lysithea is a prograde irregular satellite of Jupiter. It was discovered by Seth Barnes Nicholson in 1938 at Mount Wilson Observatory and is named after the mythological Lysithea, daughter of Oceanus and one of Zeus’ lovers …

Lysithea (the band) say:

All of our releases are self-produced and self-funded, so anything you pay for our music goes straight back into making the next one bigger and better.

I played Yurei and Praise the sun, and an excerpt from Aokigahara, all from Here at the end of all things.

Joey and the Basements – Cobden Creeper

Joey And The Basements are a four piece ska/reggae/punk band from Greymouth, New Zealand.We played Cobden Creeper on show 13.

They say:

We like to skank, play pranks, say thanks, eat shanks, drink tanks, shoot blanks and have massive….

Interesting fact: Cobden, on the north side of Greymouth,  used to be administered as part of the Nelson Province …

Read (not much) more about Cobden.

Who remembers Radio Fifeshire?

Found an interesting read today on Radio Fifeshire, first broadcast in January 1983. The original studio was in Richmond, before moving to Nelson the following year. It was AM of course, and you’ll need your best jock voice for the slogan:

Summer’s Alive with 855

I found Pete Dawson’s site, full of history and memories – as well as soundbites and various stickers and memorabilia.

Read more about the AM station history, on Pete’s website, then listen to what it sounded like when it was all go on double nine o – the beginning of the 1984/85 broadcast – the first song sounds like it was Start Me Up by the Rolling Stones …
FM arrived a bit later –
check out the FM history section.

There was a concert held to celebrate the FM launch at Trafalgar Park featuring Icehouse, Boom Crash Opera and Sharon O’Neill. Did anyone out there go to that concert?

Win an album download

Inside the piano - Nelson School of Music
The inner workings of the piano used by Mike Beever in his latest recording.

Make sure you tune in on Wednesday night to hear some of Nelson-based composer Mike Beever’s recent piano recordings.

We’ll learn a little about the process and equipment that he uses, and some of the interesting ways his music has been used. Best of all, Mike’s kindly offered to give a download copy of the EP to one lucky listener.

So send in a contribution of some sort and remember to include your email address so we can get in touch if you are the winner.



Well done to Matt who won our first giveaway.