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downbeat upbeat

Show 11 – Streaming with Pleasure

You can download the show:

Or for your streaming pleasure, you can listen direct from your browser:

Show 11 featured

  • The Eastern – State Houses by the River, and and interview with Adam McGrath (slightly spotty audio, sorry)
  • The Eastern – Gone
  • Adam Page – Ask that Mountain
  • Truth – Spook
  • Connan Mockasin – I’m the Man, That Will Find You
  • Streets of Laredo – Hey Rose
  • Delaney Davidson – How Lucky You Are
  • Jimmy B  – Carry On
  • Maisey Rika – Haumanu ft Tama Waipara
  • Grayson Gilmour – Lemon Brain

If you have suugestions for next week’s show, please send them in.

Show 6 – Full Playlist

Here’s the full playlist for last week’s show:

  1. Greg Johnson – Isabelle (live)
  2. Greg Johnson – Ballgowns and Small Towns (live)
  3. Lisa Crawley – Elizabeth
  4. Sleepy Wolf – Conjure
  5. Sleepy Wolf – Abundance
  6. Mice on Stilts – Binocular Bath
  7. Rewind Fields – Photographs
  8. Downbeat Upbeat
    1. The Bats – Supernova, Hubert,
    2. Supergroove – You Gotta Know
  9. Able Tasmans – Fault in the Frog
  10. Shihad – Wait and See

Download Show 6 – 13 November 2013



Downbeat Upbeat Show 6 – The Bats and Supergroove

Two Downbeats in show six, both from The Bats – Supernova and Hubert.

I couldn’t find video of those two tracks, so check out the band’s video page

And for the upbeat? You Gotta Know, by Supergroove.

Check out a live version from 1995 on Youtube.

And a little quiz about this somg: What year was it released? Well, it was the year that the country voted to bring in MMP, the year that Jane Campion’s The Piano hit or screens. Yes, ladies and gentlrmen, say hello to 1993.

Downbeat Upbeat – Show 1

Downbeat upbeat – this is the segment where you can experiment and help keep the music playing. The idea is simple – choose one song that’s downbeat – slow, sad, dirgy, deep, slow or dark, and another that’s unfailingly upbeat – a song or piece of music that always leaves you smiling or feeling that little bit better.
Show 1 it was Pink Frost and Every Day is Sunday.