Listen Cartoon: A pleasant surprise

If you took all the raw talent and funk and melody and skillful songwriting on offer, put it in a blender and drank it, well, you’d probably feel a little sick. Then, you’ll get a pleasant surprise as you realise what you’re in for.

So my friend, prepare your ears for tomorrow night at 8pm when you will hear:

  • Sherpa, who can definitely carry a tune;
  • The Beach Pigs snuffle their way into the playlist;
  • Nelson outfit Running Joke will try to sing their way into your hearts;
  • Doprah will give you the love the you need;
  • Chatchy will provide something catchy;
  • She’s so Rad will check our levels;
  • Tami Wilson will walk back to your arms;
  • Vivid will discuss your ego;
  • Borderline will give you some crunchy beats, and
  • Bonjah will provide some honey and
  • Ill Semantics say you got it,
  • before we leave it all to providence with A Hori Buzz.

Your Pleasant Suprise Awaits!

Plus, a little tribute to Stu Buchanan. Tune in tomorrow night at 8pm on Fresh FM.

How to tune in

Listen Live to Fresh FM or tune your radio to any of these FM frequencies:

  • Nelson-Tasman 104.8
  • Golden Bay 95.0
  • Blenheim 88.9