… No, I’m not talking about the ISS, although that’s been quite visible in our clear winter skies.

This was looking up in the sense that I couldn’t get out of bed. Hence also the lam(e). This show was a real mixture, bedlam, angst and despair, plus a little humour. It also featured music from:

  • Grant Cooper: Points in a changing circle
  • Fazerdaze – Reel and Tired of Waiting
  • Mahalia Simpson – No thank you
  • Al Hunter – There’s a blue sky waiting for me
  • Haley Westenra – All I have to give (excerpt)
  • Jack Body – Tui Korimako and kokako – with Martin Setchell on organ
  • Eastern Bloc – Milk
  • Paul Williams – Sam Bowie
  • Mark de Clive Lowe – Ghaziya
  • The Black Keys – Gold on the Ceiling
  • Gin Wigmore – Black Sheep
  • Maisey Rika – Te Ruatekau-ma-waru
  • Clap Clap Riot – Everybody

Perhaps there will be less bedlam next time … who knows?