Thanks for listening to the first show. The feedback been positive, and podcasts should hopefully be available in a couple of days; I’ll post a link where you can subscribe. In the meantime, here’s the full track listing from the first outing. I’ve posted most of the tracks on the blog as well.

Remember you can join in and keep the music playing. See you on the 18th.


  1. Anything Could Happen, The Clean
  2. Blue Smoke, Pixie Williams
  3. Royals, Lorde
  4. Osaka 1970, Douglas Lilburn (not sure if that is the right title)
  5. Drone, Mike Beever
  6. Pink Frost, The Chills
  7. Every Day is Sunday, Rangi Parker
  8. Dead Man Walking, Bryce Wastney
  9. Sadie, Paul Ubana Jones
  10. Let It Go, Nathan Haines, featuring Rich Medina
  11. Our Love is Like a David Bain Jersey, Brown
  12. Chicken, Paul WIlliams

You can download the show if you like.