One week tonight, the first show will go to air. I’ve been working away on the first script. There’ve been a few late nights, plenty of revisions, and whole sections I’ve ditched. I’m quite out of practice – an hour is a reasonable chunk of time to fill and I have to remember how to drive the desk. All part of the fun! Thanks to the crew At Fresh FM for their help and support, too.

The first show is a bit of a musical time machine ride. You’ll hear:

  • an early Douglas Lilburn piece;
  • a track from Lorde;
  • the first track recorded and produced entirely in New Zealand;
  • an unusual love song from Dunedin;
  • downbeat upbeat – two tracks – one a downer, the other to put a smile on your face;
  • details of some local gigs and releases – plus an interview if the cookie crumbles in the right direction.

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