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Show 45 – 28 October is now available as a free download. It featured an electronic composition demo from @badtom, a couple of tracks from Nigel Stanford, a triple-set from Lucid 3, Trillion and the voices of Frank Zappa and Tom Waits.

Show 44 has been lost in the ether for the time being – if you see it let me know!

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Next show Wednesday 11 November, 8pm.

Tune in!


Tune in tomorrow night for a supermoon show – featuring Silver Scrolls winners, some sophisticated jazz, and the usual bouts of stupendous silliness.

As someone, somewhere once said:

Perhaps it’ll be quiet,
Perhaps it’ll be loud,
Perhaps there’ll be just one listener,
Mayhap there’ll be a crowd

But come what will and be what may
Kiwi music will be heard,
So allay your fears and treat your ears
From eight till nine We’nsday

Oh, and note the beat repeat on Fridays will be an hour later than usual (1pm) for the next couple due to the Nelson Arts festival programme …

Boozing Utopians – You’re still not invited on Wednesday

Bill Direen (pictured on bandcamp)

The third of the three-volume set You’re not invited this Wednesday night includes one of my favourite recent tracks, The Utopians are Just Out Boozing, by The Bilders. There’s a sample below.

Bill Direen is so prolific with the Bilders and as a writer that it’s hard to know where to start. A future show will be just for him I think, but for now, set your alarm clock for 8.00pm on Wednesday night and point your browser at

As well as the boozing utopians, there will also be everything you need for a party –  Transistors, the Opposite Sex, some field recordings of animal noises, and a weird talkback radio / Sonny Bill Williams / Dire Straits mashdown.

Tune in!


Las Tetas – You’re Not Invited

Las Tetas were another of the pleasingly raucous bands I found on the compilation album You’re not Invited. It’s their track that gives the retrospective it’s name. The lyrics say it all in this short, bitter blast:

You’re not invited. You know who you are. You’re not invited.

Apparently there is a trend overseas to send people you’re not invited cards, for weddings and parties and that, just so everyone’s clear. Weird world.

Mr Biscuits – My Plums Are Ripe

Mr Biscuits are from Dunedin, but reject any ties to the Dunedin sound …

“Bikini Kill on meth” is what you’d call Mr. Biscuits if condescending bullshit was your bag – instead, it’s not, and Mr. Biscuits will be the only bag you’ll need for a while.

Good sound, angular guitar, fast tempo, what’s not to like about Mr Biscuits?