So what's here?

These are a few of the things I'll be sharing, and a few ways you can help me live the dream.


I'm hoping to travel a bit - around New Zealand and further afield.


Stories, anecdotes, tales and lore. I'll be writing as I go.


Tunes I like and tunes I've written.

Ways you can help

I'm keen to take on a few interesting projects - both to expand my horizons, and keep the wolf a reasonable distance form the door. Here's some of the skills I have - perhaps we could talk?

Buy me coffee

This doesn't need to be difficult - if you've enjoyed the site, feel free to buy me a coffee.

Just send money

Again, an easy option; if you've got some value form the site and you're feeling generous :-)

Hire me

I'm good at all sorts of things - lets have a chat and work something out.

Get in touch